How to maintain your beauty during a pandemic

We’re all stuck at home for the next few weeks and I know I’m not the only one staring at my outgrown manicure on my sanitizer obsessed hands.. and I SWEAR my brows are getting bushier by the second. I spoke to some of my faves in the 518 beauty industry to get the BEST tips and tricks on how to maintain our beauty during this crazy time! Enjoy!

Photo: Tara Holmes

Ailis Latham,Ny

With all the hand sanitizer and cleaning products we’ve all (hopefully) been using, what do you recommend to prevent dryness?

“Drink your water!! Stay hydrated. For hands use lotion after you wash or load them up before bed.”

Is ran out of moisturizer and cleanser! Is there anything I can find in my kitchen that might I can use?

“If you have absolutely nothing in your beauty cabinet…. only under these conditions. You may use olive oil to remove make up  and sugar for an exfoliant.  Avocado works great as a facial mask. Banana peels can also be used to tighten the skin!”

My lash extensions are lookin a little wonky, what’s the best way to take them off at home without damaging my natural lash?

“Do not pull lashes extensions off!!!
Soak with oil, this is not a quick fix, it will take a few times you want to nourish the lashes. Whatever you do, Do NOT pull or tug off!”

Fatima, Owner of FH Brow Studio Colonie,NY

You work so hard to come up with a game plan for your clients brows,  if you could give one piece of advice to help maintain the brow what would it be?

“For my clients that want to maintain their eyebrows at home, I have a few little tips and tricks that I recommend they follow.. Strictly!  Less is more, do the minimal amount and then you can always go back and tweak more. When it comes to the middle part of your eyebrow a good trick that I use is to stick my index finger exactly in the middle between the brows. Everything my finger touches is safe to pluck anything next to it I leave alone so there’s not too much of a gap!”

What do you 100% NOT recommend?

“I always recommend my clients not to touch the top of their eyebrows.
When it comes to the bottom part of your eyebrows, I always have my clients feel for their eyebrow bone. Typically your eyebrows sit on top of your brow bone, I have everyone feel for the bone because everything that your brow bone touches is safe to pluck and everything below is safe to pluck.”

Dan, owner of Venetian Nail Spa Latham,NY

What’s the safest way to take off nails at home?

“The same way we take off at the salon! You can buy acetone at Walmart and put it in a bowl and soak your nails. Take a paper towel and constantly wipe off the anc every 3 minutes. If you have a file, try to file the anc off in between, it will come off much faster! You can also file the top layer of ANC off, put an acetone soaked cotton round on the nail, wrap in foil, and put gloves on. This will take a bit longer but this way you don’t need to sit and wait!”

Alison Minoogian Clifton Park,NY

Ok so box dye is out of the question and NOBODY should be lightening there own hair at home… Is there anything we can do about our outgrown roots Or should we just throw on our fave hat until this thing is over?

“So root! If you have Greys coming through, the best option would be to apply a matte eyeshadow to the part line! There is also a line called Style Edit that sells a spray to conceal the root. Hats are always a good options too, that and braids. Everyone has a ton of time to YouTube, don’t be scared to get creative!”

Are there any kitchen ingredients you recommend for a soothing hair mask?

“Coconut Oil every once in a while is nice for a little bit of nourishment but it won’t heal the hair. Apply it from the mid shaft to ends of the hair, wrap it up in a shower cap, and go to bed! Be sure to reallllllly wash it the best you can, coconut oil can create a lot of build up on the hair if not fully  washed out.”

Hi, Natalie here! Makeup might be the last thing on your mind but now is the perfect time to practice that wing you’ve been wanting to get down or open up that eyeshadow palette you got for Christmas. Grab your little one, give him/her an old brush and shadow and do your makeup together! Makeup is fun, it’s a great way to express yourself and could be a great “arts and crafts” time for your mini me. I am also offering different levels of makeup lessons through video chat!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope these tips can reduce a little bit of stress during this crazy time!

xoxo Natalie 

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